Mark DiCowden regularly works with a wide range of experts, including medical specialists, vocational rehabilitation counselors, life care planners, biomechanical engineers, economists and accountants, to prove to a jury that the damages caused to the victim are significant. These professionals help show the actual anatomical and physiological injuries and the true value of the economic losses resulting from injuries. Such losses normally include the loss of future earning capacity and the increasingly high costs of future medical treatment. By working with these experts, Mark seeks to achieve a settlement or verdict that will permanently secure his client’s future.

In addition to providing the jury with the highest quality medical, scientific, and economic experts regarding the issues of liability and damages to render their verdict, Mark also utilizes numerous video and animation production related resources to assist the jury in seeing the case the way we see it.

For example, Mark uses the latest computer aided accident reconstruction technology in order to provide a video accident reconstruction simulation, so that the jurors can see with their own eyes an actual visual representation of the opinions of the accident reconstructionist as to how the incident occurred. Still images used by Mark are informative graphics to illustrate the facts of his cases and theories of liability and damages.


Below are some examples of animations and graphics Mark has used in his cases: